||To perpetuate the values of community and entrepreneurship that are synonymous with the Bata name through the support of culture, education and youth.”


poet Jaroslav Kovanda – author reading 16. 10. 2018

Discussion with Jaroslav Kovanda, Zlín writer and poet Date: October 16, 2018 from 18:00 free entry reservation required by: sekretariat@batova-vila.cz, 605 459 181 Closer annotation: The author will present the first "fruits" of his publishing house JáSám: a catalog...

The watch

Rosemarie Bata, Zlín September 25, 2018   I have seen, and touched, many items that belonged to my grandfather - his desk, his tie pin and even his famous notebook … but for some reason, nothing seems as individual to him, as personal, as this watch. Tomas Baťa (1876...

The Mission of the Thomas Bata Foundation

”To perpetuate the values of community and entrepreneurship that are synonymous with the Bata name through the support of culture, education and youth.”

The Thomas Bata Foundation was founded in 1997 by Thomas J. Bata, with the aim of supporting useful projects and expanding social values. Today, the foundation´s major activities include:

Bata Heritage


Culture and Community Development


Student Programmes


Renting of the Bata Villa